Friday, February 11, 2011

Google Accounts : Recovery Options (In case of forgotten password)

Google accounts.
.: (Post from my old IM blog) When I'm going to log on into my Blogger in Draft account today, Google asked me to fill their online password recovery form. I did just now, just re-checking my secondary e-mail address and phone number.

Last time they only ask for our secondary email address, and now they asked for our phone number. Hurmmmmm.... :-?

Enough for that one, Google currently give us two method of recovering our passwords, which we need to give them:
  • our secondary e-mail address : an e-mail will sent for password recovery
  • our mobile phone number : usually an SMS with code will be sent for verifying process

Note the optional link~ (click to enlarge)

Option number 2: Choose your country first. And type your mobile phone number, excluding the country code. (eg: no need to put +6 in front of Malaysian phone number, just write the 01### directly~).

For more helps about Google recovery options, or why you need to update your account, visit

aiemm: "Be prepared~~?"

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