Monday, April 1, 2013

If only AdScent were real... (Google k-Nose it was an April Fool)

.: What's with this fishy smell?

On this very particular day Google come up with a new Fool - Google Nose. Claimed as it their latest Foolproof-until-first-attacked patent, Google Nose was the world's first search engine that give you the smelly results for your searches.

Nose works like this : By intersecting photons with ultrasound waves, it would temporarily aligns molecules to emulate any particular scent. Great right?

Introducing Google Nose

What even more great is now Google Nose only works with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean smartphones!

*serious mode start*
I seriously wished that Google AdScent o works you know. So I can start another niche of internet marketing which is selling this freshly made rainbow macaroons with everyone~~ Yay! :-D

And if only all of these were real... (insert soon meme here)
I can smell some Kindle-Sniff coming up...

*serious mode ends*

aiemm : "Jon Wooly - you trolls the internet but were not good enough. You must ask all viewer to try Nose-sing at the end of your video for supaaa extra April Fool, lol~~~"

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baauer and his 1 million million Harlem Shake income

.: Hahaha. Well the exact figure remained in secrecy and history, Baauer (Harry Rodrigues) has a clever way making money online.

First, he made a single.

INDMUSIC tumblr.
Second, he partners with INDMUSIC - claimed as the Youtube's Largest Music Network in order to monetizes his music.

Third, that company shares some percentage of the revenue gained as other Youtube uploaders uses Baauer's single in their video.

Give permission to others using one's work, and get money from it. Kaching!

It's maybe a good way to decrease the Youtube video without audio problem (or piracy), or user being deleted because they're using original content without permission from the author. Reflecting this move in another view - we may giving others to spam Youtube with multiple similar video? :-?

But in the end only the real author gets the money...

Negative assumptions aside, I don't like Harlem Shake videos - because it's not viewer friendly. I don't take as being 'wacky' and 'out of control' is about di*k, fu*k, blahblahblah. You can do other things to express your wacki-ness and out of control-ness.

And the idea of 'before and after' video is quite old, but this time it works out pretty cash-shyyy~~ :-P

Reading point :-

aiemm : "Vlog network that monetize IM videos anyone?"

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I can't find my Google Docs anywhere?!

.: It happened to me too...

Eenyy, meeny, miny, moe!
Eh? Google Docs is no more???

Usually it can be found straight from Google Search Page, but now it's already gone??

Google Docs is somewhere here before...

Until I clicked on ...


Yeay! Now I know that Google Docs is inside Google Drive~~

This is Drive, the Google Docs?

Haha. Sometimes remembering the exact URL also helps me looking for my Docs. I just can't remember if Google already told everyone this new change?

aiemm : "New home is just like it is put into a new folder?"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Google Search Plus Plus Now in 3D and not in IMAX yet.

.: What? Seriously?

Search, plus Your World

Just now Google was publicly promoted me their all new Google search experience (again). This newly made features is called Google Inside Search : Search, plus Your World. To experience this new feel, please sign in first with your Google Plus account, and then try doing some long keywords search followed by general 'backspacing' search. Lol~~ :-P

Wish the real search for any Search Provider would be this 3D...
Oh, IMAX credit.

Vassy - We Are Young Ft. Tim Myers (as heard on Chevrolet Orlando - "Word Of" TV Spot)

aiemm : "Is 3D-ing is a new fad or a new trend?"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Internet Meme: Poker Hitler and Privacy

.: Do internet is really a safe place for everyone? Who gets to 'manage' and 'control' all of the users information?

Skynet It's us who need to be sensitively wary and guards our personal information, not someone else we not really know...

I'm sorry for putting this video here, but if you basically ignore the real meaning of the German language, you'll found this Hitler video about Google+ and Facebook is giving you more creeps and chills to your bone... plus non-stop ROTFL too, Lol~ :-P

Here's the video. Watch and analyze~~

Hitler Learns of Google Plus
Hitler is a Poker?? Srsly???

Sometimes certain tiny little features is what the people wants, it's the real identity behind any social network out there. If Tagged is known with their 'Luv', Facebook with their 'Poke', MySpace with their customizable 'CSS Layouts', Twitter with their 'hash tags', Foursquare with their 'Badges', so Google+ should comes with their own... Circles and Huddles??

Well, the point here is if your website is unique enough, people will stays with you. Even if they might go somewhere else, but whatever they do they will remember you first. So, Aiemm should have it's own tiny little identity too like Facebook - didn't I put my identity already? :-P

aiemm: "Any serious and specifically internet-marketing-only social networks out there? But how do you create your own social IM networks (not using any existing social websites)?"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends - A Must See Presentation!

.: I'm speechless and clueless. Does the number fooled me or I've been blown away by such an enormous opportunity??? See it for yourself.

My review about the future of mobile internet trends?
  • Anything touchscreen will brings money - iPad-like tablet and smartphones is a new fast cash machine. Smartphones is definitely the next big thing - "tiny supercomputer is in our hands".
  • There is no need to worry about language barrier, start with our local mobile scene because the pioneer can be the all time winner.
  • That SoLoMo recipe is great for localized apps or websites. Now where can I find free how-tos on making a free great app but please-pay-for-more-premium-feature?
  • iPhone and Android app store is great way to test the marketability of 3rd party apps. But BlackBerry and Windows Mobile apps can be a niche market.
  • Integrating Facebook and Twitter is a must - need to learn how to integrate their APIs...
  • QR codes + NFC + secure mobile e-cart/payment processor = perfect m-commerce (mobile commerce) recipe?
  • Gamification -> new worldwide currency? Lol, next time there will be a market for m-forex (forex for in-game currency)?
  • As a reminder, starting from the 52nd slide contains tips, ideas and cheats of future mobile trends~ ;-)
Via Tools | WatchThisSpace.

aiemm: "Ads in videos is a nuisance. But from such ads I found this useful tool. Next time, I will try to watch that space very, very closely, lol~"

the Google+ Project : +1 button gets a new home~

.: First, they created the "Like" button. After some careful and thorough observations, now they create the "home" for the previous "Like" button. Smart, aren't they? :-P

The plus everything project.
Google now has it's own secondary social networks. Still in the beta phase, the new social network called the Google+ is designed to overthrown Facebook dominance ASAP make everyone's life more happier and merrier by connecting each and everyone together. By using a similar-to-groups-concept they name it 'Circles', our updates between our connected friends and relatives and work colleagues and the boss won't mix and that's definitely a plus feature from Google+.

The Google+ project: Explore Settings

Sorry, I get carried away just now. At the moment Google has shown 4 available features of their new social network - Circles, Huddle, Sparks and Hangouts, which nothing new for those who has already use Facebook before. It looks pretty simple and easy to use with their familiar GUI, but currently Google+ only invites some lucky participants to test them out. We can only hope someone will invite us or wait for it to becomes public.

Here is their 4 available features we can peek together~

The Google+ project: Explore Circles
Google+ "groups"~

The Google+ project: Huddle
Google+ "Tweets"~

The Google+ project: Explore Sparks
"Related Searches" + "Google Instant" = Google+

The Google+ project: Explore Hangouts
mIRC + Video chat = Google+

See, nothing new right? It's just a re-branding of all internet products out there that we all familiar with. It may be a good thing because everything is put and mixed together in one place so there is no need to download different software for different use or visits different websites for different service, but I still don't like the users data mining activity which I read somewhere on the Net before. (Facebook do "collect" our data, it's the same thing in any social networks).

It's up to you whether to use it or not, but I do wanna give it a try. You can read and discover more at

i) lol~ (Maybe he *will* create the official Dislike button because of this?)

ii) Bye bye Orkut or integrate/migrate Orkut inside Google+?

aiemm: "Making everything social is the new war~~"
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