Monday, April 1, 2013

If only AdScent were real... (Google k-Nose it was an April Fool)

.: What's with this fishy smell?

On this very particular day Google come up with a new Fool - Google Nose. Claimed as it their latest Foolproof-until-first-attacked patent, Google Nose was the world's first search engine that give you the smelly results for your searches.

Nose works like this : By intersecting photons with ultrasound waves, it would temporarily aligns molecules to emulate any particular scent. Great right?

Introducing Google Nose

What even more great is now Google Nose only works with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean smartphones!

*serious mode start*
I seriously wished that Google AdScent o works you know. So I can start another niche of internet marketing which is selling this freshly made rainbow macaroons with everyone~~ Yay! :-D

And if only all of these were real... (insert soon meme here)
I can smell some Kindle-Sniff coming up...

*serious mode ends*

aiemm : "Jon Wooly - you trolls the internet but were not good enough. You must ask all viewer to try Nose-sing at the end of your video for supaaa extra April Fool, lol~~~"

1 comment:

  1. Ever wish you could search Google by smell? Now you can.
    Google, as per tradition, is out with their latest April Fools' Day prank to celebrate the practical joke-based holiday.


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